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by Jason

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Excessive sweating is NOT for the faint of heart. You live every moment in complete utter fear that those around you will discover your slippery little secret. It flat out bites – big time.

I remember the anxiety my sweating would drive me to – the effort I would take to wipe away face sweating without anyone noticing. It turned into something I had to hide in the presence of others.

I couldn’t just be myself.

Really, if I hadn’t eventually found a way to reduce armpit sweating, I think I’d be wearing 3 undershirts underneath my dress shirts for work – just to prevent the perspiration from soaking through.

If you’ve been in my shoes (my sweaty shoes – that is) take comfort in knowing that you’re not alone. This blog is here for you to provide tips and tricks to control the sweat and fight off hyperhidrosis on a permanent basis.

So, follow along and take action on strategies that really work.


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