What Can I Do for Embarrassing Palm Sweating?

by Jason

embarrassing palm sweating

It’s possible you suffer from a medical condition known as palmar hyperhidrosis.

It’s characterized by uncontrollable, spontaneously sweaty palms – no matter what the temperature or situation.

The problem is induced by a hyperactive sympathetic nervous system where your sweat pores are triggered excessively by the sympathetic nerve chain.

So, what’s the answer when it comes to how to help sweating?

One of the easiest and least complicated solutions to stop sweaty palms is applying “Certain Dri” to your palms. Certain Dri is a clinical strength antiperspirant that you apply once at night (to the affected area) before bed.

It contains very high levels of aluminum chloride (much more so than normal antiperspirants) and will block sweat pores for days on end. You can pick this stuff up at most drug stores or at Amazon online. Best of luck!


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