This Sweat-Fighting Tip will Hide the Drip

by Jason

Caucasian young man is worried and shows sweating stain problem with sweating - hyperhidrosisHey, Good Morning! Jason here…

Yesterday, I shot you a reminder email that Summer is approaching and the best way to prevent the oncoming sweat storm is to have a plan.

In this case, that plan is covered with the stacking solutions at “Sweat Solver” here:

After sending out that email, I received all kinds of great feedback from readers just like you with their own tips and tricks for dealing with Summertime sweating.

The reality is, emails like this one go out to thousands of people BUT – that doesn’t mean the message is any less personal.

I’m here – a real guy, approaching 37, with a wife and two kids, typing away, hoping to change your life today with tips and advice that I practice myself.

So, please know that any replies you make to my emails are read and responded to as fast as possible. I care – and your input makes a difference in the way I am able to reach and help others.

Anyway, after yesterday’s email, one of my readers (Gary) replied back with a great tip that was just too good not to share. Here’s what Gary had to say:

Thanks Jason, Hope you are well.

Yes, I love the spring and summer… but then of course I remember … more sweating as well. I have started using Thomson Tee undershirts and Sweatshield shirts (cheaper) to avoid embarrassing sweat stains.

Have to say they have made a real difference but of course in warmer weather the downside is that they can also make you sweat more.

However, at least you’re protected. This has helped boost my confidence and now I’m not so focused on sweating because I know the sweat will not penetrate my outer clothing layers and show the embarrassing sweat stains.

Have a good day. Cheers, Gary

I’ve linked to Thomson’s Tees here:
For Men ===>
For Women ===>

After picking up a couple of pairs to field test, I hope to report back positive results soon.

Want to carry out this experiment with me?

Pick up your own Thomson Tees through the link above and let me know how they work out for you. After all, we’re in this sweat-fighting battle together!

Have a powerful day!

– Jason


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