I Sweat Too Much! 7 Solutions to Stay Dry

Excessive underarm sweating isn’t just gross – it stinks! Even if you manage to cover it up and hide it, people can still smell it. That’s because the sweat acts as a breeding ground for bacteria to flourish. When the bacteria excretes waste, the toxins of that waste create the odor. Pretty nasty, huh?

Fear not, there is a way to stop this cycle – even if you think that your perspiration problem is pretty much hopeless. Here, I’ll be showing you how I deal with it when I sweat too much. There really is a way out of this issue. You just need to try some simple solutions (I’ve listed them out below), and decide what works a what doesn’t.

Unfortunately there’s no way around the trial and error. But, if you stay persistent and really stick with it, you’ll find a treatment that is tailored to your excessive sweating causes and unique body chemistry.

Fast forward the your unique treatment below:

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Specific Treatments: Herbal Teas Charcoal Alternative Medicine
Turmeric Neem Oil Zinc & Calcium/Magnesium

In order to treat sweat hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), you must prevent the sweat from coming out in the first place AND simultaneously neutralize the bacteria.

This might seem like a lot of hard work, but it’s really not! You can combat both problems with home remedies that have been proven by many for years and years. So, keep an open mind and remember that taking action is the only way to see this goal through.

Combating Excessive Odor for When I Sweat Too Much

One thing you really need to do is shave. Yes, you should shave your underarms even if you’re a guy. Or at the very least, keep them trimmed. This is because bacteria accumulates on the hair. Without any hair, it will be hard for the bacteria to thrive and hang around for long periods of time.

The less amount of time that bacteria is on your body, the less breeding they will be doing. And yeah, breeding resulting in more bacteria and (obviously more odor). That’s why keeping good hygiene is mandatory.

On top of it’s ability to reduce armpit sweating, the minimized hair will make the fast sweat remedies below easier to implement.

However, it doesn’t stop there.

In addition to maintaining good hygiene, you should also drink plenty of water throughout the day to flush toxins out of your system. With fewer toxins, you’ll decrease body sweating and you won’t stink as much. Your body won’t have to work as hard to process all the waste from your system because your sweat will make toxin remove much more efficient.

These kinds of measure will give you a good baseline for preventative maintenance. But, you’re going to have to do a little more. I know I did when I sweat too much. So, start applying the simple home remedies below to skyrocket your results.

With that said, here are some home remedies you can try if you want to treat hyperhidrosis.

Home Remedies for When I Sweat Too Much

1. Everybody’s heard of the health benefits of herbal teas. Excessive sweating and odor are no exceptions. Get some leaves of sage, mint, lavender, or lemon and brew some tea. Tea contains tannic acid. This is a natural astringent that helps your body to stay cool, thus resulting in less sweating. Some herbal teas also can be used as antibacterial remedies.

2. Charcoal is one of the best herbal remedies for skin conditions and bacteria. It absorbs more poisons and toxins than any other substance. It absorbs the toxins in the body so that your body doesn’t have to sweat them out.

Be sure you use ACTIVATED charcoal. Take four – six tablets on an empty stomach. If you want to use it as a poultice, mix 1 teaspoon of it with 1 cup of water and then spread it over your armpits. Let it set for a half hour or so before rinsing off.

If you’re taking any medications, don’t take charcoal tablets at the same time, as it might absorb some of the ingredients in the medicine.

3. In alternative medicine, ashwagandha is a great option for how to help sweating that is caused by stress. If you can’t avoid stressful situations, then you can at least reduce the amount of sweat that is triggered whenever you feel stressed out.

Another way it helps is by promoting hormonal balance. For many individuals, excessive sweating is a sign of hormonal problems.

The recommended dosage is 1 capsule twice a day for 30 days. It shouldn’t be taken with sedatives, thyroid medication, or during pregnancy.

4. Turmeric is a really good natural remedy that acts as a natural antibacterial agent and antiseptic. It treats any type of skin problem such as excessive sweating. If you’re overweight, it will help you to lose weight. Sweat production is decreased whenever the body loses fat.

Turmeric is available in most drug stores in capsule form. The usual dosage is 250 mg. You can also put a pinch of turmeric powder in food when you eat for sweating help.

5. Another natural treatment is Neem Oil. Neem acts as anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agent. Topical application really seems to help (particularly to stop sweaty palms), as the herb renders all micro-organisms inactive. It cleans up the skin and which will help with sweating.

The best way to take neem oil is to add 5 drops in a glass of milk right before bedtime. There are also neem cleansing bars available that can be used as an alternative to soap.

6. Eat foods that contain a lot of zinc. Zinc is one of the most important nutrients for your body. It helps to maintain adrenal function.

A deficiency of zinc can lead to excessive sweating, body odor, and skin rashes.

You can either take 50 mg of zinc every day or simply increase your consumption of foods that contain this nutrient. Foods that are rich in zinc include turkey, nuts, oysters, roasted pumpkin, low-fat roast beef, and lamb.

7. In addition to zinc, you should make sure that you get plenty of calcium and magnesium. These can reduce sweating if taken together.

Magnesium in particular will reduce excessive sweating and body odor. Calcium helps magnesium be absorbed by the body.

Magnesium is found in bran, sunflower seeds, roasted soybeans, bananas, and cocoa powder. Calcium can be found in milk, carrots, cheese, sardines, and yogurt.

These herbal remedies and minerals will be enough to help you stop sweating so much. They will also help clear up bacteria so that your sweat isn’t stinky.

Step by Step Videos for When I Sweat Too Much

These tips are only the beginning. If you REALLY want to end excessive sweating, you NEED to check out my next video on how stop excessive sweating from ANY part of your body (including face sweating) – in just minutes! Sign up below and I’ll send it right to your inbox.



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