How to Prevent Foot Sweating

Are you constantly ruining good pairs of socks due to excess sweating? Do you wish there was an easy way you could stop foot sweating? Foot sweat is not only gross, it is also odorous.

Sweat, germs, and toxins all accumulate inside the socks producing a foul odor. This can be a very embarrassing problem.

Fast forward to your unique treatment below:

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The Story That Led Me to Prevent Foot Sweating

I remember one time I had been dating a girl for a few weeks and at one point she invited me over to her house to watch a movie. Upon entering, she asked me to take my shoes off as the house had just been cleaned that morning.

I’ll never forget, she had this dark, graphite colored tile in her entranceway. After taking off my shoes and walking through the foyer, I looked back and to my own disgust, my footsteps were leaving foggy, sweaty tracks on the floor.

It was crazy embarrassing!

Although my girlfriend was polite enough at the time, I knew my fears that I sweat too much were just beginning to grow. That’s because underneath those cold sweaty feet was a stench that would surely drive her away within minutes.

After all, foot odor and foot sweating really do go hand in hand (or foot in foot so to speak).

Excessive sweating causes all sorts of grief and I couldn’t deal with the anxiety of it.

From then on, I promised myself I’d prevent foot sweating so that this horrific experience would never haunt me again. So, I went to work and came up with som of the solutions you’re about to learn below.

Bear in mind, there are worse things than sweaty feet. I mean…

at least it’s treatable, right?

Understanding what causes your feet to sweat will help you determine the best method of treatment. For many people, this problem is caused by a medical condition called plantar sweat hyperhidrosis.

For others, it’s caused by poor lifestyle habits or as a symptom of another medical condition such as menopause or hyperthyroidism. Don’t always assume you have hyperhidrosis. It’s best to consult with a Dermatologist first.

Poor lifestyle habits such as alcohol addiction can lead to a buildup of toxins in the body, which results in more sweating.

One of the primary reasons why people suffer from excess sweating on their feet is lack of good hygiene. Many people don’t realize the importance of keeping their feet clean and dry. Taking a shower every day isn’t enough; you must thoroughly clean your feet with an anti-bacterial soap.

Make sure all of the soap is rinsed off and that your feet are dry before putting on socks. You should change your socks at least twice a day.

Tips on How to Prevent Foot Sweating:

Wear a good pair of shoes that fit your feet perfectly. There are shoes made out of certain materials that allow the feet to breathe. Don’t wear cheap shoes made out of synthetic materials. Also, avoid wearing tight socks that squeeze the life out of your feet. They should fit snuggly, yet not too tightly.

There are deodorizing feet wipes available. Keep them near you at all times and wipe your feet regularly throughout the day. Keeping them free from bacteria will reduce sweat and odor.

Sprinkle the inside of each shoe with cornstarch. It will absorb moisturizer and keep your feet dry. You’ll be surprised at how effective a small amount of cornstarch can be when it comes to stopping foot sweat. Also, soak your feet in a solution of sea salt and water a few times a week.

Soak your feet in warm water with some tee tree oil or black tea. Both of these are good for combating the bacteria on the skin. Black tea has tannic acid which helps keep the feet dry. After soaking your feet for twenty minutes, dry them thoroughly.

Check and see if you have any fungal infections. Make sure the area between your toes is clean and dry. Fungi thrive whenever the skin between toes is warm and moist. A fungal infection will cause more sweating and foul odor. If the cornstarch isn’t effective, then start using an antifungal foot spray.

Expose your feet to air for at least an hour or two a day. You can even wear open slippers around the house to allow your feet to breathe. When feet are able to breathe, circulation improves, which results in less sweating.

Follow these tips if you want to stop foot sweating. As long as you take good care of your feet and pamper them on occasion you should be able to reduce sweating.

These tips on how to help sweating feet are really just the start. Sign up for my next video through the box below and I’ll show you one of my favorite strategies for ending excessive sweating from ANY part of your body in just minutes!



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