Help with Sweating Hands – Shake Confidently!

Are you getting fed up with hand sweating? Is it really killing your confidence? It can be hard to socialize with others when your hands are wet and slimy. You can’t hold hands with anybody. You can’t shake hands with anybody. You can’t type. Objects probably slip out of your hands all the time.

Stop letting hand sweating get the best of you!

You CAN take control of your problem and regain confidence in yourself. Don’t give up. Even if you haven’t had any luck with treatments in the past, you should still keep on trying.

I used to suffer from hand sweating myself. See, I sweat too much and I know for a fact that it can be a very discouraging condition.

I managed to find a treatment that worked for me, and let me tell you, if I was able to stop my hand sweating, ANYBODY can!

You know which treatment worked for me?

Natural Herbs for Sweating Hands

That’s right. Something as simple as herbs worked for me when nothing else would. Here’s a guide to some of the herbs that can help eliminate hand sweating.

• Sage. Sage is a well-known remedy for hyperhidrosis. You can brew it in tea and drink it. You can soak your hands in it. You can take sage tablets. There are so many different ways to use sage.

This herb works as a systemic cleanser and tonic. It can also be used as a natural sedative. When you are calm, your hands won’t get all sweaty. Sage seems to work more quickly when it’s applied topically. Let your hands soak in sage tea for 20 minutes every morning and they should stay dry throughout the day.

• Tea tree oil. Aborigine tribes used tea tree oil as a disinfectant for centuries. I found tea tree oil to be a great treatment for my hand sweating. It has properties that make it a natural agent for curing just about any condition caused by bacteria and fungus.

For many people, hand sweating becomes a problem when the pores around the hands are clogged with bacteria. Tea tree oil can clear the pores up.

Now, you can’t take this herb orally. What you need to do is rub it on your hands two or three times a day. You can find it at any drug store.

• Wheatgrass. One drink of wheatgrass a day can keep hand sweating at bay! You should notice a difference after a few days. Wheatgrass is loaded with vitamins, which are crucial if you want to prevent sweating hands.

Wheatgrass is also a good source of chlorophyll. Chlorophyll can destroy toxins in the body and purify the liver and colon. An unhealthy liver and colon can lead to a number of skin problems, including excessive sweating.

• Burdock root. This plant is used as a treatment for a number of ailments. Many people swear by its effectiveness against sweating. It’s available in capsule form and as a liquid extract.

You can also make a tea out of burdock root! However, make sure that you order from a reputable company so that you can be sure that your burdock root is pure.

• Evening primrose oil. EPO is one of the best remedies for oily skin and excessive sweating. I can personally attest to its effectiveness. It contains linoleic acid, which is beneficial for the skin. Just take a few evening primrose oil capsules a day.

Another treatment worth mentioning: Charcoal

Okay, so it’s not actually a plant, but charcoal is still a natural remedy that can stop extreme sweating. It’s recommended that you take a teaspoon of activated charcoal with 8 oz. of water on an empty stomach. Do this late at night, a few hours after eating dinner. You should see a reduction in hand sweating the next morning!

Go ahead, give these herbs a try. Unlike other treatments, they won’t cost you much money. They don’t carry risks or side-effects. However, ask your doctor’s permission if you are pregnant.

Once these herbal remedies start kicking in, you will be able to regain that self confidence you lost!

These tips are only the beginning. If you REALLY want to end excessive sweating, you NEED to check out my next video on how stop excessive sweating from ANY part of your body (including the face) – in just minutes! Sign up below and I’ll send it right to your inbox.



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