No More Sweat Handy And Feet – CONFIRMED It Works

by Jason

Hey – just wanted to follow up…

Yesterday I shot you a link to the best solution to excessive sweating hands and feet with an at home iontophoresis device.

If that term “iontophoresis” sounds foreign to you, it’s basically a process where you submerge the bottoms of your hands and/or feet in trays that have water in them.

There’s a very very low charge running through the water – nothing that hurts – just a very light tingle.

You keep your sweaty hands and/or feet in the trays for about ten minutes.

What happens is, the water creates a thickening of the skin on the microscopic level to deter the pores from sweating. It really works. There are testimonials all over the internet about the the fantastic results that this daily (or weekly) routine provides.

Devices like this used to only be available in dermatologist offices. You’d have to make an appointment and take the time to get to the clinic.

Now, you can have a convenient iontophoresis device right in your home.

Here’s the link to buy one right now.

Yes the price tag is a little steep but it’s totally worth it. You’re essentially paying for the privilege of never having embarrassing hand or foot sweating ever again.

In my opinion, this is an investment in your overall quality of life.

Take a look. If you haven’t found a long-term solution yet, I think this could be the answer.

Hope you’re having a great day!


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