My Most Horrible, Emasculating, Humiliating Sweaty Palms Story

by Jason

I wanted to cease sweaty palms immediately after this occurred…

I remember it like it was yesterday. I was on a date going out with a college girlfriend and we had been walking out on the dorms to get into her automobile and head out for a film. As we strolled along, she reached out to hold my hand.

Instantaneously, I withdrew and she looked shocked.

“Why do not you wish to hold hands with me?” she mentioned.

“It’s super duper embarrassing” I told her.

“See, my hands get really sweaty at weird instances and right now is one of those times.”

“Oh, come on – they cannot be THAT sweaty” she insisted.

She reached out and grabbed my hand to confirm my story. This time I did not pull away.

As she held on to my clammy palms, I saw an appearance of total disappointment cross her face. She looked grossed out and frankly it was understandable.

My palms had been a swampy, clammy disgrace.

As she pulled away and wiped her hands on her own jeans, I knew deep down inside that this partnership wasn’t going to last for very long. So, I grit my teeth, went on the date and shortly right after, the relationship dissolved.

I do not know if it was my sweaty hands or hyperhidrosis that eventually turned her away but I am confident it did not help my case. It was then that I swore I’d uncover a strategy to ultimately stop sweaty palms. And, I did just that by undertaking tons of study on the subject and trying out loads of experiments at my house with researched home remedies. I never wanted to face this predicament again. I’d forever stick with this goal of overcoming my palmar sweat hyperhidrosis and regaining the self-assurance that I lost on that day.

What about you? What was the point that led you to find any remedy to cease sweaty palms? Is it as embarrassing as my personal story?


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