John Suffers from Facial Hyperhidrosis

Although John sufferers from generalized hyperhidrosis (on the hands, feet, back and torso), he admits that facial hyperhidrosis is the WORST of it. Quite simply, he finds it the most debilitating form of sweating because it’s so hard to hide from the public eye.

John has made this video to get the word “out there” on this condition. He started experiencing excessive sweating as early as 12. Puberty is often a common time for most HH sufferers to initially discover their condition.

He discusses how he ironically can’t eat spicy foods despite his hispanic heritage and love of the cultural delicacies. The condition has also completely isolated him socially. He mentions that if he ever leaves the house without a handkerchief, he knows it’s going to be a bad day.

He recommends Sweat Block as a very good solution for facial sweating. Although Sweat Block isn’t designed specifically for facial sweating, he’s been successful using it as a hack for his perspiring problem. Good Luck John! Thanks for sharing your story!

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