You Are Not Alone. Personal Hyperhidrosis Stories…

Meet Melissa, an Amazing Person with Hyperhidrosis

Melissa shares her incredible story and the struggle of constantly dealing with excessive sweating – specifically of the hands. She’s tried many solutions without much long-term success, however, she isn’t giving up on treating the problem and finding a treatment that works for her.
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Caitlin is Brave and Very Inspiring

Caitlin is a graduate student who recently moved from Arizona to Colorado. She shares many Hyperhidrosis anecdotes that most of us can relate to. I love the way she opens up here and really makes herself vulnerable to the world. It’s very inspiring and admirable.

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Liza Inherited Hyperhidrosis From Her Dad

Her symptoms escalated quickly after puberty and she recalls that in 7th grade she noticed her sweating during gym class. After noticing how much she sweat as compared to her classmates, the condition began to isolate her socially.

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Liza’s Amazing Follow-up – 10 Things She Deals With

Liza was so awesome to create this follow-up video that brings about such a sense of empathy. I could completely relate to some of her descriptions of life with Hyperhidrosis.

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Tony Opens Up About the Social Implications of Hyperhidrosis

I can completely relate to some of the daily social interactions that most people take for granted. High fives that awkwardly turn into fist bumps, passing your sweaty video game controller to friend, avoiding activities like playing basketball; are just a handful of lifestyle differences that Hyperhidrosis sufferers have to deal with.

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John Suffers from Facial Hyperhidrosis

Although John sufferers from generalized hyperhidrosis (on the hands, feet, back and torso), he admits that facial hyperhidrosis is the WORST of it. Quite simply, he finds it the most debilitating form of sweating because it’s so hard to hide from the public eye.

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“It Sucks!” – Eric Speaks Candidly About His Excessive Sweating

Eric Daniels awesomely shares his story of Hyperhidrosis. He deals with excessive sweating of the hands and armpits. Here, Eric talks about the limits that perspiration puts on him. With a wardrobe full of baggy and black clothes, he would look at his friends colorful clothes with envy.

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