Do I have a Blushing Problem?

by Jason

blushing problem


Im often very very red and I get embarrassed very easily.

Also, During summertime I am constantly a horrible red faced tomato.

A lot of people make jokes about it and it’s super embarrassing so I go even more red.

I also get sweaty hands frequently. It makes social occasions and simple day to day things (like high fives or shaking hands) very difficult and awkward.

Is this a medical condition?

Because I may have it, even if it’s all just mild compared to a lot of other people out there. What do you think?


It’s possible you suffer from moderate cranial hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating of the face). It can cause extreme blushing as well. Either way, even if you only suffer from the blushing and NOT the sweating – a great solution is Witch Hazel.

Try applying a Witch Hazel pad on your face to prevent the blushing. Witch Hazel is a natural astringent with a cooling effect that decreases overall redness and irritation. You can pick up Witch Hazel pads at most drug stores. I recommend you try TUCKS.

As for the sweaty/moist hands, you can apply Certain Dri directly to your palms. So, how does this antiperspirant stop sweaty palms? Certain Dri is a clinical strength antiperspirant sold at most drugstores. It works well because it’s so high in Aluminum Chloride (the sweat blocking ingredient).


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